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I’ve built a tiny house in the wilderness, but something doesn’t want me there


In retrospect, it started at the very beginning, as I was setting the foundation.  For the previous three weeks I had been selling off my possessions on ebay. My flat screen, my PS4, my desktop computer. Anything that might fetch for more than a hundred dollar bill was sold, and the profits added to the funds for The Arc. My new project.  A 100% sustainable, self-sufficient tiny home to...

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Something crawled in my ear


Something crawled in my ear while I was sleeping last night.   And it felt… pleasurable. The soft pulsing tickled at first, but as the pupa contorted itself and pushed its way into the canal it felt orgasmic.  My body buckled, froze, and shuddered ecstatically for a full minute as the visitor made its way home. I was then overcome with an overwhelming sense of peace.  Peace...

I Tried to Help the Spirits in My New House, But I’ve Made a Fatal Mistake


I always considered the end to be the end. When the machinery of the body fails, and the complex chemical reactions in our systems cease to fuel us, consciousness ceases. It’s fuel spent. And the lights go out. I would grant that we understand very little of life and consciousness, but I always felt that the men and women who posit that life is pure mystery, do no service to what we do...

Never Take The Last Car on the Night Train


Shit, only forty five minutes. I throw my purse on the counter, grab frozen Chicken Tikka from the freezer, pop it into the microwave, and peek into the bedroom. Mom is snoring mildly and Mark (looking far too fine in his scrubs) looks up from his kindle, the back-light illuminating his bright eyes in the murk. “Hey Lizzie.” He whispers, looks over at Mom who remains flat on her back...

Dark Powder is Falling


Everything is eventually worn down. Washed away into the murky tide-pool of history. I cannot help but to think about entropy as I watch the plumes of sea water crash, crest, and vaporize over the cliffs before me. How many years until that volcanic rock is finally worn down? How many years until those cracks and crevices expand to consume the remaining structure? Until there is nothing more than...

Frozen and Alone


Alone at long last, just me, Cain and Abel.   Abel, as always, is pushing the back of his neck up alongside my leg as I unpack a month’s worth of groceries.  And Cain, in his typical mad fervor, is trying to twist and wrench his brother back down to the tile floor. I’m relieved that they seem to have had no trouble adjusting to the new place, and I immediately set out...

I am Not Alone


Dropping the final crate of jarred food to the floor, I slammed the cabin door shut bracing the cold. Lighting the wood stove before I began hauling my supplies likely helped a bit, but opening the door with each delivery lowered the temperature by several orders of magnitude. It was going to be a harsh winter.  Just the way I liked it. I could barely wait for the thick snow drifts to pile...

The Tunnel


I have led a caged life in many ways. I was born to hypochondriac parents whose inclinations were further hardened with my early diagnosis. I was born with a rare form of epilepsy, both more frequent and more easily triggered than the standard fare. Being that over-stimulation is a primary trigger, my childhood was rather dull. It was engineered to be so, despite my parents best attempts to keep...

At 14 I Witnessed an Unearthly Carnival


With my eighty two years on this planet I have many stories to tell.  But this is the one that started it all. It is not a story about spending over fifty years working in a single-employee post office. It is not a story of the loneliness around having no family of my own.  Nor is it even a story about Bellvue with it’s two hundred and fifteen Kansas-native residents. It is a...

My Dream Job Became a Nightmare


I started my first day at the station after it had finally fallen back into obscurity. This was just fine by me. I had dreamed of being police since I was six, and traded my skirts for my brothers blue jeans which just barely resembled my father’s uniform. It really does run in the blood, that sense of justice. The determination. The drive to make things better than they are now however you...

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