I’ve built a tiny house in the wilderness, but something doesn’t want me there


In retrospect, it started at the very beginning, as I was setting the foundation.  For the previous three weeks I had been selling off my possessions on ebay. My flat screen, my PS4, my desktop computer. Anything that might fetch for more than a hundred dollar bill was sold, and the profits added to the funds for The Arc. My new project.  A 100% sustainable, self-sufficient tiny home to...

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I Thought it Was Just a Simple Child Abduction


Little Kayla Jameson disappeared on January 10th, at 4:30pm. One hour after I had passed her in the hall. One hour after her eyes met mine and I watched the concern drop from her face to be replaced with an open smile. A small gift for me, from a troubled and kindhearted child. I was shocked when the police informed me that I had been the last person to see her. I kept repeating to myself that I...

I Found a Body in My Father’s Secret Basement


It’s ironic that the one piece of advice that my father provided me, was ultimately fulfilled by his untimely death. He had repeated it several times throughout my life and always delivered it with such seriousness, each time stood out like a beacon in my memory. “Jacob…” he would begin and pause for some time. “There is only one single path to success. One day you...

Unexplained Incident in New Haven


Greetings everyone. My name is Dwayne. I’m a state trooper out of New Haven Connecticut. I’ve been on the force for almost 20 years and a few months back something strange happened that I’ve not been able to shake. I’ve always been a bit of a drinker but ever since that night things have been bad. I’ve been irritable, out of sorts and frankly drinking through each...

Hold Tight to Your Children


What I am going to share with you today started many years ago. It was a time in my life marred by tragedy, severe depression, and several near attempts at suicide. It took an immense amount of emotional exploration and healing as well as time, but it did lead me to my passion for travel and exploration which became the most meaningful thing in my life. The dark did eventually lead me to light...

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